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citizen of the world

The key pieces: pinstripe suits with Latin American inspired embellishments, cropped turtlenecks made from tulle and artfully embellished, oversized hoodies with gaucho tapes, laser cut leather accessories and a new range of blouses reincarnating boyish shirt shapes that are transformed with seductive open back details or off-shoulder style variations.



a modern tribe

The silhouette enhanced the waist - we celebrated an eclectic mix of patterns and seductive breaches of style to the voices of Inna Modja and Ibeyi, enhancing authenticity and intuition as the source of feminine beauty. Our maxim: Believe in your female energy!




Berlin, Elisabethkirche, June 29th. A scrutinizing glance, a last brushstroke, taking a deep breath, go …! Our SPRING/SUMMER 2017 collection hits the runway for the first time. Romantic dreams about the future are our inspiration – the world becomes a dream and the dream our very own world. We celebrate the courage to be visionary, the dissolution of boundaries when it comes to our imagination. Weightlessness is our new self-conception.


Argentina is the perfect Christmas hideaway. Electrifying colours welcomed me there and its people, who embody the spirit of our maxim “Come Dine With Me” are truly inspiring.  My journey to Argentina was the most vivid homage to untamed XMAS feelings: Sporty moments, fabulous nights and lots of quality time – merci, Argentina!


Dorothee Schumacher


For me, travelling is always about new arrivals. In our own lives, at new horizons. And when I decorate my house at Christmas, it is like travelling again to cherished places and meeting the many wonderful people who have accompanied me once again. And then the Chinese vases remind me of the heart palpitations before my fashion show in Beijing and a picture of the "Burning Man" celebrates the unreal magic of a better world - they are all a part of the journey. A journey that has begun a long time ago, that takes me a step further every day, inspires me and moves me. At Christmas time this very special magic of the encounter of diverse cultures arises, who come together under one roof and are beaming with joy. I am deeply touched when these different styles discover and celebrate a common Christmas feeling. Moroccan vibes fall in love with German Christmas traditions, and then the four burning Advent candles placed in front of the bespoke"Burning Man" picture seem to be an accidental homage to a lived globetrotter spirit.


Dorothee Schumacher



Dance, fantasy and fashion - an exciting liaison, touchingly dynamic and uncompromisingly feminine. Henrik Ibsen’s “Peer Gynt” as a fascinating dance of proud femininity. A poetic tale of the timelessness of love, inimitably choreographed by Enrique Gasa Valga, with the ensemble’s dancers individually dressed by Dorothee Schumacher.
“Peer Gynt” is a homage to the quest for the meaning of life in which passion disarms self-doubt. The story of an exceptional love with the conviction of a strong woman at its heart.
Most inspiring all for Dorothee: the captivating showcasing of female intuition. Enrique Gasa Valga as a creative counterpart - a brilliant virtuoso gives self-confident femininity its own highly individual stage and our clothing the space to dance on it.
It felt like the rekindling of a longstanding friendship. This fantastic choreographer and the designer share a profound bond in their perception of women. Our Resort Collection 2016 - it could have been designed with Enrique Gasa Valga’s production in mind, the harmony of the inspiration - simply magical! Prints, lace and chiffon were an expressive complement to the scenery, asymmetrical hems clad unconventional femininity. And this enabled this very special aura to evolve. The natural radiance every woman exudes daily on the stage of her life, emphasised by our designs.



"What a woman wears defines her personality. I tell stories and when I can dress a woman, and through that act alone, strengthen her personality I have everything that I could ever need. The fashion label Schumacher really helped me to convey these strong characters. Dorothee Schumacher creates modernity and with elegance. And that works perfectly with my pieces. With fashion it is very difficult to strike a balance, to be in the present, to convey modernity and still have this elegance.“

Enrique Gasa Valga



Dorothee Schumacher and her inner circle discussed the adaptation of the designs with costume designer Andrea Kuprian – and here once again the creative harmony was instantaneous. The differences between the danced designs and the collection in our stores - barely perceptible. The dancers’ stage - a perfect equivalent to the stage of life.
The perfect setting for the fusion of fashion and the world of dance: the stage of the Tyrolean State Theatre. In Innsbruck every key piece became the closest confidant of a strong woman. Our collection as part of a magical union of head, heart and dress.
“To thyself be enough” – in Henrik Ibsen’s “Peer Gynt” this attitude towards life makes the feminine strength portrayed invincible. Decisions are taken with great fundamental trust. The steadfast belief in the power of love is fortifying, not, as often expected, intimidating.
At the exclusive preview in Innsbruck no seat was unoccupied, no heart unmoved. Our guests were captivated by the ballet and the trunk show that followed.
We are deeply moved and completely electrified! Merci!



For almost a year now a really special picture has been hanging in my office. Taken by the French photographer Victor Habchy, it shows a surreal scene. Tents and dreamlike sculptures rise up colourfully from a desert landscape, costumed people travel through the scenery on bicycles. In the foreground a UFO protrudes vertically from the dust-dry ground. This is Black Rock City: home of the Burning Man Festival. For one week towards the end of each summer, this city arises from nothing at all in the desert of Nevada.

Is it an art happening? An outdoor rave? Is it all about spiritual adventure? There are so many views of Burning Man, so many myths and stories. Only those who have been can find out what it means to them personally.  For me, Burning Man is a magical place full of positive energy. The incredible spirit that I experienced here a year ago has deeply touched my heart. Ten thousand people come together in the Black Rock Desert to celebrate themselves and life itself. Young and old, hippies and (life) artists - and everyone gets on well together. Each person can be exactly who they are. Everyone is welcome. Added to this is respect for nature: The Waste Free Policy is accepted by every Burner as a matter of course. Nothing is left behind in the desert once the event ends. To experience this kind of community - free, open minded and harmonious - was a wonderful experience for me.

Welcome Home is what it's called when you visit Burning Man for the first time. And that's exactly how it feels. Victor Habchy's picture reminds me of this spirit every day - until my next visit.

Coming home again!

Movie Series


I love making women shine with my collection. Whenever I meet women, I always sense what makes up their individual radiance, that unique 'je ne sais quoi'. Sometimes that's the right dress, a high heel, a rocky-elegant ear cuff or a song that you have in your head when you enter a room.  So how can you be inspired by that?

Trends are in the air - as designers, we foresee them in our collections. They can, however, only be made visible and tangible by women who have a sense for what we will all dream of tomorrow.  International bloggers like Pernille Teisbaeck, whose personal style, discoveries and experiences inspire us at Or Esther Heesch, who has walked for us at the Berlin Fashion Show since the start of her career. Her pictures are shown all around the world.  DJs like Hanna Hanra transform the zeitgeist into beats and sounds, creating the music that makes the heartbeat of each trend palpable.

Over the next few exciting days before the show, we will be following these three unconventional women, with their three very different careers, characterised by passion, creativity and boldness.
We bump into each other season after season in Berlin and enjoy that rare dynamic that occurs when we unite all the individual talents for one common goal - bringing my fashion show to life, touching hearts and enjoying a love of fashion together.

Happy to see you soon!





Berlin-Mitte, gallery district, Auguststraße. Ladies and gentlemen, please be seated. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen ... Only thirty seconds to go. Natural sounds and piano sounds of Chilly Gonzales permeate the hall. Breath, show light flashes and Hanna Hanra raises the dial. For weeks, the entire team has been working with the greatest passion towards this moment. Full of positive energy, Esther Heesch and the other models walk down the catwalk. The Spring/Summer 2016 Collection is welcomed with great applause, and in the front row Pernille Teisbæk pays her deep respect while applauding. Discreetly the hostess thanks everyone attending the show, but the calls do not decline: Bravo, Dorothee!

Author: Sven Waskönig



The touch of a button, fourth floor. In the large auditorium, anticipation levels are high. Last fittings, interviews, sound check. Nervous panic? “You won’t find any of that here,” says Dorothee to us, laughing from the other end of the hall, before adding: “My team knows exactly what they’re doing. Every step is planned and here it all comes together – that has an incredibly calming effect on me.” The seating cards are of course delivered personally to the hotel suites – a loving tradition – and now it’s time for Dorothee Schumacher to finally meet Pernille Teisbæk, Hanna Hanra and Esther Heesch in Berlin. Four ‘Unconventional Women’ come together – just a few hours before the big show.  


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It cost me much to part with the blue coat which I wore the first time I danced with Charlotte. But I could not possibly wear it any longer. But I have ordered a new one, precisely similar, even to the collar and sleeves, as well as a new waistcoat and pantaloons.

Goethe / The Sorrows of Young Werther

A blue coat with sparkling brass buttons, skin-tight bucket-top boots with a felt hat and gently falling hair – unpowdered, naturally. In short: Werther's costume. In 1774, the style icon Goethe gave the European fashion world its first It pieces, as worn by his creation Werther. His blog, an epistolary novel and his most successful great, great, great spiritual granddaughter today are from Denmark: Pernille Teisbæk - blogger, stylist, creative director, ex-model, all-rounder. Her style: Scandinavian simplicity – often all Pernille needs is a pair of jeans with a cool top. Her genius: unconventional combinations so trendsetting that her cult blog – – has become one of the world's most essential digital style guides. On Instagram alone the woman from Copenhagen has a quarter of a million followers.

It goes without saying that Pernille Teisbæk will once again be sitting in the front row this year at our fashion show in Berlin. Women like Pernille have broken down boundaries with their passion and created a completely fresh appreciation of fashion – fast, direct, modern, says Dorothee Schumacher. Incidentally, the Werther costume was outlawed in Leipzig until 1825. Pernille and Dorothee's flair for style is completely unfettered.

Author: Sven Waskönig



1) What makes you laugh?
My own bad humor

2) When you grow old, what stories will you tell your grandchildren?
Stories about how wonderful life can be, when you are enjoying what you do in life, both on work and having great friends – and I would tell them how important it is to follow your dreams.

3) Bist du ein "Berliner"? How do you feel about the city?
I’ve beencoming to Berlin for many years and really love the development in terms of the architecture, restaurants and of course good shopping!

4) What will I know about you, after we've worked together for a year?
That I have a really bad sense of humor – that I have a huge craving for salted treats, my impulse shopping disorder and that I’m totally committed to what I do and that I’m actually more a team-player than a front figure.

5) Your favorite model?
If I could only choose one, I would say Daria Werbowy, because of her natural and mature look that makes her unique.



Ingeborg HoIm, little blonde Inge, the daughter of Dr. Holm, who lived on Market Square near the tall old Gothic fountain with its manifold spires - it was she who Tonio Kröger loved when he was sixteen years old.

Thomas Mann / Tonio Kröger

Had Thomas Mann lived one hundred years later, however, these besotted lines from his autobiographical masterpiece Tonio Kröger would have been different - the name would now be Esther rather than Inge. Esther Heesch is also a native of Lübeck and the daughter of a doctor, enchanting, and with a fine, narrow face ... though at the age of sixteen it was not just her classmates who Esther held under her spell but the entire international fashion world.

The major labels are at her feet, across the globe her smile adorns the front pages of the hottest fashion magazines and Dorothee Schumacher has also been by Esther's side since the start of her fairytale career. So is her success down to her picture-perfect looks? No, they aren't the only reason. I looked her in the eye and intuitively sensed the look of a strong, unconventional young woman, recalls Dorothee. She fills my looks with her own single-minded, ambitious personality.

And whilst today's young Hanseatics continue to yearn, Esther will be presenting Dorothee Schumacher's Spring/Summer 2016 Collection this week in Berlin. Esther Heesch, an unconventional schoolgirl from Germany's far north who was discovered in 2011 whilst strolling through central Hamburg and has since conquered the world.

Author: Sven Waskönig



1) What makes you laugh?
My younger brother

2) When you grow old, what stories will you tell your grandchildren?
Stories with happy endings

3) Bist du ein "Berliner"? How do you feel about the city?
My grandpa ist ein Berliner and I also like the city a lot. I'm glad to be here for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin.

4) What will people know about you, after having worked together for a while?
I'm a team player.

5) Your favorite song?
I love remixes by Felix Jaehn!


hanna hanra

It's not like collecting records is like collecting stamps, or beermats, or antique thimbles.  There's a whole world in here, a nicer, dirtier, more violent, more peaceful, more colourful, sleazier, more dangerous, more loving world than the world I live in.                           

Nick Hornby / High Fidelity

Her index and ring fingers jump like lightning from one record cover to the next: "The Payback", double album, certified gold ... The mere sight of a James Brown album gets Hanna's head nodding. Hanna Hanra: a DJ from London at home anywhere in the world, as long as there's a record player at hand. But Hanna has already taken a mental leap further in the record store - The Payback, guitar riff. Sampled by ... En Vogue 1992: Funky Divas, A-side, second song. Never ever gonna get it, shoots into her mind. But Hanna Hanra doesn't just spin discs; she's also the editor of the music magazine BEAT and writes for Vogue, Elle and the Sunday Times.

Dorothee Schumacher noticed the unconventional Brit quite some time ago. Where? I think we were introduced by a mutual acquaintance from London, she reflects. But what interests me much more is what her ultimate soundtrack would sound like with my 2016 Spring/Summer collection? No sooner said than done! With her music, Hanna found answers to all the thoughts, words and inspirations for the collection. The outcome can be heard on 10th July 2015 at Dorothee Schumacher's fashion show in Berlin. But Hanna Hanra has only revealed one thing so far: There's a great number at the start and things just get better and better from there. Just like Dorothee's new collection.

Author: Sven Waskönig



1) What makes you laugh?
My girlfriend being silly

2) What are you looking forward to this summer?
I love swimming in the sea and being by the beach – I love being in London too, but it's not quite the same! 

3) Bist du ein "Berliner"? How do you feel about the city?
I've been several times – the first was in 2003, in January, my initial impression was how cold it was! Since then I've been back in summer and always loved it. 

4)  Your favorite piece of fashion?
My biker jacket. Not sure if it counts as "fashion" but it's travelled the world with me and is so soft and worn it's like a second skin.  



The JOURNEY OF FASHION goes on! Jedes Kollektionsteil ist erst dann wirklich angekommen, wenn eine Trägerin es mit ihrer Persönlichkeit füllt. Diese individuelle Reise – von der ersten zarten Idee im Atelier über die Skizze zum Muster hin zum finalen Stück, das als Show-Look den Runway erobert – haben wir festgehalten und widmen der Journey ausgewählter Stücke unserer Fall/Winter Collection einen eigenen Platz auf unsere Seite. Die Videos, in denen Dorothee die Geschichten ihrer persönlichen Lieblingspieces erzählt, werden dort nach und nach zu sehen sein.


Become a Part of our Journey!



25th Birthday

beloved memories

Dorothee about the Birthday Gallery Wall:

The sketches and drawings stimulate the own imagination and revive so many memories. They offer the space for colours and emotions … moments, that unite everything which touched my heart, that we experienced, desired, wished and worked for. The birthday gallery wall is like a gift for me, that has developed over the last years.

Find out more about our Birthday Gallery Wall below …

Condé Nast International Luxury Conference, Florence

What does luxury really mean today? Can technology make the heart race, in the same way that an elaborately finished Jacquard can? And how do modern technologies influence fashion today? In order to find answers for the future of the most beautiful industry in the world, Suzy Menkes gathered 500 leaders from luxury markets around the word in Florence. Over three days, a variety of themes were discussed including; “wearable technologies”, “fair luxury”, technological innovation and emotion. The speakers including Alber Elbaz and Karl Lagerfeld spoke with a wonderful backdrop - the Renaissance frescoes in the Palazzo Vecchio, the town hall. A truly wonderful symbol highlighting the balance between modernity and tradition, which only fashion makes possible! Dorothee Schumacher was also delighted to see Sophie Hackford, Director of Wired Consulting, wearing one of her designs on the podium. She was delighted to return inspired by this energy, originating from the incomparable beauty of the city and the exciting vision of future fashion. Let’s embrace the future!


the feminine side of art

Since the opening of Dorothee Schumacher’s flagship store in Düsseldorf, two important pictures have been hanging on the wall. These photos are very special because they have been accompanying Dorothee for many years. One of them shows Nan Kempner, Fran Stark and Jacqueline de Ribes at a dinner in New York: society ladies gossiping amongst themselves. On the other we can see the supermodels Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington acting out the famous “Three wise monkeys” proverb: “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. Humorous and beautiful women, living out their femininity. The two photos were taken by the famous New York cult photographer Roxanne Lowit, who has been capturing the nightlife and high society of the Big Apple in her images for more than three decades. Why did the designer buy them all those years ago? “Six beautiful women in total, intelligent, confident, humorous and curious – they instantly touched me. Because they represent
exactly the type of woman I love and who I work for,” she says. “It’s got nothing to do with the fact that some of the women are older than the others. They all exude the same spirit: they are fun, open and generous with emotions. And of course their hearts obviously beat for fashion!”
And also Roxanne is excited about those two pictures hanging together. “Hanging these pictures together is perfect,” says Roxanne. “In the one picture we see the old society: New York society ladies. Yet in the other, the new society, the supermodels of the time. The two photographs are my absolute favourites, because they show strong women in one of their strong moments. And it makes me happy that Dorothee has chosen exactly these two.” Perhaps the explanation is that: only when a woman’s mind, heart and outfit combine as one harmonious whole can she really shine from within, that’s Dorothee Schumacher’s credo. The two photographs of the six radiant women convey exactly this attitude to life. Fashion,according to the photographer, should make a woman stronger, more confident. And it should impart the belief that women can realise their goals. Or as Dorothee puts it: women can achieve anything, and the right dress can play a big role.


birthday gallery wall

Inspirations, moments, dresses, all captured in sketches and drawings: for our anniversary they are being shown together for the first time. And they will tell all about the things that have been moving us for 25 years. Art is where the heart is!
Small gestures. Unexpected encounters.
A beaming woman who is strolling by. When we’re on the road, receiving guests or working hard in the studio on the new collection I often keep in my heart what’s going on between the lines. My close companion, the designer and artist Katja Foos, sees this with her brush and pen. And with effortless ink strokes commits my feelings to paper. Ours is an exceptionally empathetic relationship that has yielded countless wonderful drawings.
These snapshots are now hanging together for the first time on a gallery wall ... and will accompany us on our journey through our anniversary year –
in many special places, lovingly curated and placed by exceptional people.

birthday gallery wall


a journey
of fashion

Over several months, a film crew accompanied us and captured some emotional scenes depicting how the individual departments, with their specific expertise, work closely together hand in hand. Every day we will experience a new station of the Journey of Fashion.

A favourite dress is not just a piece of fabric. It is charged with emotion. And this emotion is the product of a long journey, which begins in Dorothee’s head, long before it is turned into a garment. What should the modern expression of femininity look like – and what should a dress do for the woman who will later be wearing it? Which cut, which detail will make her shine? In order to find this out, Dorothee and her team are constantly on the move: not just geographically, but always in their thoughts. The journey is the destination; it’s all about collecting impressions, encounters, moments – and their exchange, from which something new is created.

After all, fashion is not an ego trip. It’s all about pursuing a common goal. Lots of little sparks ignite the big idea and Dorothee’s feeling thereby becomes a universal one. Every single tiny detail will be a reference to this feeling later on: it can be found in every skirt seam, appliqué, pleat, in every button. To convey this spirit into a dress, in which a woman feels as if it has been made especially for her, requires much more than just handcraftsmanship. With passion and dedication in every centimetre, a real love of couture. That’s why the true heart of the company headquarters beats in the atelier. The people working here not only master the traditional disciplines of tailoring, but really live and breathe them. Their absolute passion for their trade defines everything. Every sweep of the pencil when sketching the initial design. Every hand movement when draping a cut on the bust. Every millimetre when digitalising a cut. And this love of couture accompanies every single Dorothee Schumacher piece when it embarks on its big journey: first to Berlin, where it is showcased on the catwalk at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and presented to the international top buyers and journalists. And then across the country’s borders when it goes into production.

And then it comes back home one last time to say goodbye, before it is sent out, soon to be discovered and purchased by a woman in a store somewhere around the world. She is the one who completes the story of a dress, a coat or a pullover. Because she, the wearer, breathes her own personality into every single item she wears and really shines in it. Exactly as Dorothee Schumacher dreamed, right at the beginning of its journey. 




Prints say everything

The essence of a collection is its patterns. They unite the colours, inspirations and passions of a season on one metre of cloth. Prints developed in the atelier are one of Dorothee Schumacher’s much-loved signatures. Because they should convey all of the positive energy generated during the design at the atelier. And because prints are the ultimate expression of playful femininity. How are these prints created? There are no hard and fast rules in the atelier when it comes to this. Just a pixel magician! Sometimes she scans sketches and creates a new cosmos of shapes from them. Sometimes she transforms photos into something completely unexpected. And sometimes she designs patterns out of thin air. Designing prints represents maximum creative freedom within repeated widths. Just like the development of jacquard fabrics, in which the patterns aren’t printed, but woven. But such technical restrictions are not boundaries. They are merely challenges. Prints can be found in every collection as a jacquard interpretation, embellishments as a print visual – and vice-versa. They are variations on a common theme that connect all of the individual parts of a collection. 


attention to detail

It is the infinite attention to detail that makes a collection part to an exceptional piece that touches. Maybe this love is the key to the heart of the woman she can feel when she wears it. Whether the almost tender combing of the materials or the bold cut of fringes into very fine leather - the attention to materials and cuts aspirates the collection's spirit. For Dorothee, the studio is her "luxury department" - it's all here in abundance: embroidery, fabrics and lots of feeling - and that magic moment when the collection is born.

attention to detail

view video

embellished with love

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embellished with love

Embellishment is a Dorothee Schumacher signature. Embroideries, appliqués, every single little detail – it’s not enough to simply affix them to the fabric. The art of embellishment is to make them a part of the bigger picture, to integrate them into a dress. Only when crystals, gemstones, filigree beads and yarn embroideries are applied to a design with the same attention as a fabric or a cut can they shine and sparkle and turn a dress into something extraordinary. Embellishment – the sewing on of beads and crystals by hand – is an haute couture tradition. It cannot be learnt. Combining the right colours and materials, finding unusual, new positions for them – all of this is only possible with intuition and absolute dedication.

For Dorothee Schumacher, embellishment is an expression of modern femininity. In her atelier the same passion is therefore devoted to this craft as the tailoring or the selection of precious fabrics. Hence the collection’s inspiration is never merely translated into a silhouette or a print, but also always into new embellishments for garments. Individual shapes are developed in cooperation with Parisian haute couture studios and interesting materials tracked down, which best interpret the vibe of a collection. New crystal cuts or mirrored gemstones can be found in the fabric prints developed by Dorothee Schumacher – everything is possible, and that’s how a 2D sketch is turned into a 3D embellishment. Always made with love. 


cutting the edge

Patternmakers turn two-dimensional ideas on paper into a three-dimensional reality, namely the garment. And draped designs into a mathematical masterpiece. After all, it requires a true sense of art and design, which is only created on the bust by pinning and draping, to transform a piece of fabric into an actual pattern to be transposed, cut, sewn and manufactured. It’s about every millimetre and often about making the impossible possible. Providing assistance here is CAD, computer-aided design. Patternmakers use this to digitally construct a pattern. Much more than an automatic process, this step is a dialogue with the designer. Their idea is translated into the digital system, with spatial imagination and a feeling for what is technically possible on the sewing machine further down the line. The secret of the perfect cut: the symbiotic co-existence of designer, patternmaker and tailor. When the first model has been sewn, the journey is far from over: its tailoring still has to be translated into all sizes, and every size is different. Patternmakers, says Dorothee Schumacher, are the architects of fashion. And, at the same time, also the architects of a woman’s radiant beauty. 

cutting the edge

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The very unique swing of a skirt. The sleeve that flatters the shoulders. For the fashion designer, such details are their hallmark on an item of clothing, just like the signature on a painting is for an artist. These details make a Dorothee Schumacher dress inimitable, and they wouldn’t exist without the atelier where fashion is made in couture style – before it is later digitalised and goes into the prèt-à-porter production. A woman senses these subtleties when she wears the item. And Dorothee Schumacher and her team sense them during draping. Knowing beforehand how a fabric falls and how the draping transforms it – that requires a combination of brilliant expertise and intuition. This is why every draping artist has their own bust in the atelier.

Cutting. Pinning. Twisting. Tacking. Knotting. Drapery is an haute couture technique for developing and turning design ideas into a reality. This often results in unexpected lines, proportions and volumes. Fabrics and materials can be precious and valuable – but it is the way a garment falls that makes it feel luxurious – and which enables it to effortlessly envelop the female body when it is eventually worn. During this phase of work there is a common interest that defines everything: the woman who will later be wearing this dress should look captivating in it. 


The Art of Sketching

A glance that just happens to fall onto a detail. A feeling that arises. And a stroke of ink that commits it to paper. Sketches are an essential, and, at the same time, poetic part of the work of a fashion designer. Because they make elements visible that cannot be captured in words. Someone is always busy sketching in the Dorothee Schumacher atelier, in every medium imaginable, from pencils to watercolours. Designers work on figurines and technical drawings – right from the beginning of work on any collection they eternalise the silhouette and proportions on paper that Dorothee is envisioning. And all year round illustrations are created, which, with strokes of ink don’t necessarily result in a final design, but instead capture something which is just as important as the idea for a dress: the Dorothee Schumacher essence. This is expressed in accessories and dresses, people, moments during a journey or during a very normal day. Ideas, impressions and inspirations become pictures. Drawings represent visualised thinking, speaking and listening. They accelerate the exchange of ideas, making ideas tangible. And at Dorothee Schumacher she has been telling this story with fashion for 25 years now. 

The Art of Sketching




When US Ambassador John Emerson and his wife Kimberly came to see us it was mainly about one subject: the feminine way of life!

We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast with a stimulating conversation about lifestyles, flat hierarchies, transparency and female leadership.

It was great to have you with us. Truly inspiring.



Fly me to the moon … redefining the future, discovering technologies, experiencing  innovation! At WIRED 2014  new thinkers created an exciting vision of the future. Which is beginning right now.


Not for the faint hearted - Farhad Moshiri "colored knives on black canvas" one of the many fascinating art pieces at Frieze.


Lunch that touches the soul and  a brief moment of peace to reflect on the impressions left by the Frieze exhibit.


Ménage à Trois
For Dorothee Schumacher

Listen to Ménage à Trois’ Summer Mixtape



The “good girl gone bad” vibes of the spring/summer 2015 collection were also carried over to the international guests who have accompanied us in these special days of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin: Among them the DJanes Amélie Lens, Mimi Xu, Ménage à trois. They all created a personal playlist for Dorothee directly after the show – listen & enjoy.

Listen to Amélie Lens’ Summer Mixtape


mimi xu’s playlist
for dorothee schumacher

“The Ipcress File”  ⁄ John Barry
“I Wanna Roll With You” ⁄ Connan Mockasin
“Song for Jess” ⁄ Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
“Pale Blue Eyes” ⁄ Velvet Underground
“Carbonated” ⁄ Mount Kimbie
“Love is To Die” ⁄ Warpaint
“Song for Zula” ⁄ Phosphorescent
“Know You” ⁄ Bonobo
“A Kissed Out Red Floatboat” ⁄ Cocteau Twins
“Ectoplasma” ⁄ Thomash

View Mimi’s Website


dorothee’s diary
poetry garden

After the fashion show, Dorothee Schumacher received her guests in the "Poetry Garden". An installation of modern scaffolding elements, mirror bands and a sea of fresh summer flowers made ​​from the garden of Elizabeth Church a poetic Getaway in the middle of the city. Amélie Lens recited lines after Beuys, which were also written along the mirror and were whispered in silent messages. She closed with a wonderful promt: Write love letters!


dorothee’s diary

6:30 Call Time - for models and the entire team. Hair & Makeup, rehearsal, backstage interviews - a few minutes before the show bags, press texts and gifts are positioned on the seats. Each movement follows the one common goal: to make the birth of the collection to an unforgettable moment. Over all, shines the new logo: Dorothee Schumacher.


SCHUMACHER will be DOROTHEE SCHUMACHER. Our new name comes natural to us as we have always regarded it this way, giving the brand the personality as we experience it day in day out.

We wanted to share the news with you as soon as possible as the process of adapting our new name will start immediately. You will gradually experience more and more of DOROTHEE SCHUMACHER and now our cover features the new logo for the first time already.  

The new labelling will also be seen on the collection for the first time with the arrival of the First Part Spring⁄Summer delivery 2015 in November.

Your label now bears your name. Why was that not the case from the outset?
I never thought about it. It was probably an intuitive decision. It allowed the focus on the collection so it could become what it is today. And the same goes for me too.
The brand is now 25 years old. And its path can almost be compared to that of a person: first steps, discovering the world, experiencing highs and lows. At the age of 25, you are not 40 but the personality and clarity to know what you want in life is there. And yet there is still so much to come. I feel the same about the brand. We know who we are but more lies ahead of us than behind. 



When Dorothee visits the show location, the Elisabeth church looks like dipped in nude colours. In the Styling Suite the final fittings are scheduled, while the seating cards are delivered personally to the guest's hotel suites.



The last castings have been finished. Every single look is fitted on each girl. Character, inner strength and elegance are very important for the choice of the girls, and also the courage to live your own personality.


Dorothee’s Diary

Dorothee Schumacher talks about the excitement and tension before the fashion show, about her collection and every season's common denominator - uncompromising femininity.

A woman needs a certain degree of straightforwardness to express her femininity –  this applies to her clothes and thoughts too.


Dorothee Schumacher about female attitude and how a radiant smile can change the day.
What is female attitude?

A smile costs nothing! Of course, no woman can manage this all the time. But when you can, it makes everything easier– the taxi driver will hold the door open smiling and you might be upgraded at check-in. Femininity is often mistaken for sweetness, harmony and a liking for frills and romance. A woman needs a certain degree of straightforwardness to express her femininity –  this applies to her clothes and thoughts too.
What kind of women do you like to see in Dorothee Schumacher?

It’s not about a particular age or level of beauty. Some women radiate and can fill a room with their personality without saying a word. I love if my designs enable women to do exactly that.
Do you think about your own life when you design?
Sometimes. But usually I think about women in certain situations. A hotel lobby for example. Or giving a speech to an audience. I have been working for women and with women for 25 years. We are not all the same but we experience some things in similar ways. If something doesn’t go to plan – a dress can help you tackle things with the right attitude, can’t it?!

Head, heart and dress. When they work together, a woman can shine from the inside.


A dress that does not sit well, that does not feel good, and which prohibits the personality inside from shining through, is in its self restrictive, distracting from dreams and goals. Limits, says the designer, there are none! They exist, at most, only in the minds that are not linked with their hearts! Acting on intellect and emotion together is also know as intuition. The courage to listen to such intuition has always been a trait of Dorothee Schumacher.



Accompany us through the exciting days before the fashion show and experience Dorothee's personal perspective on the final preparations, the vibrant Berlin atmosphere, inspiring encounters and the very special team spirit at this intense time.

Dorothee's Diary from July, 07th 2014

easter in iceland

A few days off in Iceland … Sunshine, blue sky … a deep breath of fresh air – here at my church attendance in Arbaejarkirkja, Reykjavik.


Sometimes, even in the biggest excitement time stays still. In a fascinating interview, a touching encounter… Our Store Opening in Antwerp was a night full of moments, never to forget. A wonderful get-together of close people who have been accompanying me for a long time, new friends,  partners and my Team. I enjoyed every single moment of it!

new york, milan, paris
Fashion Week Roundup

The heartbeat of the fashion capitals New York, Milan and Paris is almost audible during fashion week – positive energy everywhere paired with inspiring encounters.  International  fashion directors rub shoulders in our showrooms with buyers of the leading department stores in the world: Influencers like Jessica Joffe and Caroline Issa that accompany us for some seasons now. Brave, charismatic women that love to show their femininity. It´s the biggest compliment to see women like these wearing SCHUMACHER. backstage
rockstar femininity

To share these incredibly intimate moments with a camera crew just before the show, takes a lot of courage and a great deal of trust. 

A trust, that we gladly shared with the F.A.Z. team. The result is a beautiful snapshot - a reminder of the emotional highlight of each season, an example of boundless team spirit and the demands we place on ourselves.

amazing team spirit

The weekend before the show is spent together on the premises of the company. For the first time the entire Collection is presented piece by piece in our Showroom. A very special sight! We determine the running order and with a heavy heart remove the looks that will not be coming with us to Berlin. The last pieces are sewn, the Collection text written and the first Seating Plan created ... To see every individual putting all their energy into their specific areas, in order to make the fashion show a success, makes me unbelievably proud.

The more nervous my team becomes, the calmer I become. Because I know they invest all their skills and blood, sweat and tears in our collective goal.

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Love to be here … love to be there … love to be everywhere. Sensing the uniqueness of the people I encounter on my travels really touches me.

more than business

Whenever Suzy Menkes from the International New York Times Luxury Conferences invites me I try to be there. Her themes and selection of guests are excellent – many of the presentations are so inspiring that they create important stimulus for exciting new developments. This time the conference took place in Singapore. In a private moment I enjoyed the view over the city shortly before meeting with Jamie, our partner in South-East Asia.

My collection is for women, who expect a lot from life, who live and love passionately.

action …
arte metropolis

When Sven Waskönig and his team came to our office I was actually on a very tight schedule. But the conversation went so pleasantly that our appointment spontaneously lasted much longer than originally planned. 

The result: a portrait about artists and creative people in Mannheim – also filmed, was my dear friend Jürgen Tekath.

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a beautiful day
todd selby

I carry Todds visit in my heart – he remains an unforgettable guest! Together with the mb! by Mercedes-Benz team we spent an incredible day together. He came in a cat sweater – I wore a leopard print coat … a perfect match from the first second. Our little pony insisted on joining us in the living room – high heels were tried on in my dressing room. Todd turned everything upside down – it was wonderful!

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