… Giving love, showing unwavering commitment - here at DOROTHEE SCHUMACHER we like to offer support where it is most urgently needed. Where people who are often forgotten require help. So we take action whenever stories touch our hearts, offering help in particular to women who make other women strong. We listen attentively, get personally involved and with all our heart. All the more beautiful is the fact that it is often colleagues who are the instigators of partnerships. It is individual life stories, unique projects and cooperations that inspire us. They prompt us to pause, make us reflect – and then we are brimming with enthusiasm, our creative juices start to flow and we set to work. And we would absolutely love to share this feeling with you and are therefore taking this opportunity to present a couple of very special projects to you. For our commitment is what we hold most dear - from the heart for the heart!

medica mondiale

Because it has always been Dorothees's main objective to make women strong, the proceeds of the Limited Dinner Set Edition will go to medica mondiale. Founded in 1993 in Bosnia by the Swiss gynecologist Monika Hauser, the international NGO is committed to taking special care of women and girls in war and crisis zones all over the world. The organization manages to give new courage to many traumatized women and thus helping them feel proud again to be a woman. With unprecedented devotion dedicated people around the world have made that their aim.
Just like medica mondiale’s founder Monika Hauser, it is a matter of the heart for Dorothee Schumacher to encourage women in their femininity and to let their confidence shine. With your support this year, charity and hospitality will therefore have a very special maxime: Change a life with a small gesture and welcome the world at your very own table. Together with you we take a look at the bigger picture and stand up for women. Because every woman who feels stronger, happier and more satisfied, makes the world a little bit better.


2324 people have dined with us! 2324 generous women were not left untouched by a very particular sentence. Together, we have thrown the thought outside the box, looked each other into the eye and discovered new horizons therein – all around the world!
'COME DINE WITH ME' was a very special invitation this year - an invitation for friendship, love and tolerance. We are deeply touched, how many joined us on this journey and transformed this Christmas time into a time full of compassion, warm welcomes and little gestures with a great effect.
That we support women in war zones and crisis areas with our Christmas story, was a matter of the heart from the beginning and is now a touching reality: Together with medica mondiale, an organization of dedicated, inspiring people, we have helped where it was most needed. From the heart: Thanks to all those, who took part in fulfilling our dearest Christmas wish this year.


To blend traditional, old world crafts with avant garde design – this is the precise goal that the Abury Foundation has set itself. In a groundbreaking initiative, this foundation supports intercultural cooperation and international understanding.

"With the people, not for the people" – the motto of an organisation with an inspiring mission. Founded in 2008 in Marrakesh, it is the foundation's stated aim to preserve what threatens to be consigned to the past: the handicraft heritage of the artisan, the essence of beauty – diversity.

Both Abury's founder, Andrea Kolb, and Dorothee Schumacher are passionate about achieving an impact where tradition inspires modern design and must be preserved. That is why the designer made a donation to the Abury Foundation so that they can work on joint projects. In order to provide support specifically for women, Dorothee Schumacher kicked off the collaboration by commissioning the creation of hand-woven Berber carpets and providing funding for the weaving frames required. The result was a joint creation, designed by DOROTHEE SCHUMACHER and woven by women in the Atlas Mountains. Women whose independence was strengthened by this donation. And because learning and gaining new experiences are what really enrich us, the Abury Foundation provides an hour of education for every hour worked.

For us this cooperation is more than just a project and the carpets are more than just beautiful decoration. They are interior essentials for stores and company events that combine two of Dorothee Schumacher's most important goals: to make women stronger and to achieve huge impacts with small gestures.

Charity is our most personal matter of the heart. My employees are always contributing their own personal ideas and concerns when considering important projects.

Dorothee Schumacher


Following last June's devastating earthquake in Nepal, it was our heartfelt desire to support people locally – and to do so quickly and effectively. We wanted to take action precisely where help was most urgently required.
The Nepalese "Maitri Griha – House of friendship" organisation supports mentally challenged children in Kathmandu. It's unwavering and courageous commitment both touches and inspires us. And once again it was the initiative of a colleague that prompted us to enter into a partnership. The earthquake had completely destroyed the organisation's house and therefore the home for the children. The decision to offer support by making a donation was one that came from our hearts. We gave a proportion of the sales proceeds from a FRIENDS‘ BOUTIQUE held back then to "Maitri Griha" so that it could make a fresh start. The organisation was able to buy a new plot of land upon which another home was built – which means that the children of "Maitri Griha" are able to look into the future once more. And yet again we realised: it is often the little things that quickly achieve a direct impact.



A strong woman fights for her daughter - with unwavering faith and exemplary optimism. Little Zara has muscular dystrophy. Hers is a story that can leave no heart unmoved, one which touches and inspires - and we were deeply moved by her optimism.
A girl teaches us how vital it is to enjoy life. A mother looks with exemplary primordial faith into her daughter's future. Zara's mother loves her unconditionally but wants above all else to give her the strength to lead an independent life. And because making women strong is our most important goal, we regarded helping Zara and her mother as a labour of love. We wanted to give a strong woman the freedom to care for her daughter independently and with fewer worries in the future.
The ability to move freely and independently, without relying on others – Zara will never be able to fully experience what so many people can take for granted. In order to make daily life easier for her and her mother, to do our bit, we decided to finance the purchase of a wheelchair for Zara. It is a small gesture for which the reward was simply incredible: the smiling face of a child, gratitude and the knowledge that we had brought joy to a strong woman and mother.


empowering women – how donkeys are helping

a matter of the heart. how it all began …

Teddy, donkey and ox are our Christmas heroes. Teddy makes children’s eyes light up. And can anyone imagine a nativity scene without the donkey and ox? Both are seemingly just peripheral characters in one of the most famous stories in the world: At first, they were just standing alone in a cold, uninviting stable. Nonetheless, they immediately made space for the Infant Jesus, the bearer of hope for Christianity.  And by doing so they secured a front-row seat for one of the world's greatest events.So generosity is rewarded after all.
The donkey and the ox remain just as generous today. The Esel Initiative e.V. (Donkey Initiative) is a not-for-profit organisation which provides working animals to single mothers in Nepal, helping them to achieve independence and a better future. These animals do not exactly save the entire world but they carry much more than a heavy burden on their backs- they also carry hope. And it is precisely this hope that can bring about change.

Looking after this world with as much devotion as a child looks after its teddy - sometimes it seems as though we’ve forgotten how to do this! Just like Teddy Roosevelt a century ago, when he refused to shoot a young bear that had been tethered to a tree especially for him on a hunt. Ever since the cuddly bear has been called “Teddy“,  this tale so beautifully illustrates how a good deed can make the world a better place. We in turn have made a gorgeous teddy bear from worn cashmere. He will be watching over our stores during the Christmas season and will be auctioned for the benefit of the Esel Initiative e.V.
Never has it been more important to believe in the great importance of small gestures than at present. So we are giving our Christmas gift to these courageous women in Nepal and supporting them with donkeys. Because we think the world really does need more symbols of hope!


Donkey donation

From Dorothee's first designs, her goal has been to make women strong. With her collections - and this christmas season with a project which means a lot to her: We’ve started working with an initiative in Nepal that supports local women through the gift of a donkey, easing the burden of their daily lives. Every woman who feels stronger, happier and more fulfilled makes for a better world.

With your support and thanks to the christmas project we are able to donate 30 donkeys to the women in Nepal. How this project will be continued and what Sina & Casimir experience during their first days at the Sterntaler Hospiz will be reported in January 2015.

sina and casimir

Together we can make a big difference all over the world – but it’s just as important to do smaller good deeds closer to home. Sina and Casimir symbolise all of the donkeys that we are giving as a gift to the women in Nepal. After their pre-Christmas holiday at our company headquarters they will be moving into their new home on Christmas Eve: the children’s hospice Kinderhospiz Sterntaler e.V. These two donkeys have a very special qualification – they have been trained for therapeutic riding and will become close comrades of the children in the future. These donkeys will not only provide many moments of happiness for the children, but also their mothers and families, who will certainly draw a lot of strength from this shared time together.

the charity bags
perfect companions

The Canvas Shopper – full of allure and at the same time the expression of a down to earth attitude – is the perfect companion to every it-bag and a particularly beautiful way of doing something good … 

The National Theatre in Mannheim and SCHUMACHER created a friendship which has resulted in numerous cooperation projects. The artwork for the Mannheim Bag designed exclusively for the theatre, illustrates Dorothee Schumacher’s personal view of the city. The entire proceeds went towards the film `Neuer Mannheimer Ring´.  

“For hundreds of years Mannheim has been welcoming creative people and freethinkers with open arms. That is what I love so much about this city.” Dorothee Schumacher


The Munich Bag was created for the SCHUMACHER store opening on Odeonsplatz as a message of love to the city of Munich. The Kunstprojekt Replika, an art project which drew attention to the need for refurbishment of the Hofgarten Arkaden, was supported with the proceeds.

As an Oktoberfest debutante, Dorothee Schumacher learned that high heels work wonderfully with the traditional Bavarian ‘Dirndl’ dress. However when starting to dance on the benches they result in a struggle to keep one’s poise. But where to keep your ballerina shoes to change into? Time for a new sort of bag: The SCHUMACHER ‘Wiesn + Wasen’ bag (dialect expressions for Oktoberfest type festivities) the proceeds of which go towards the Hofgarten project and the charity ‘Frauen helfen helfen’ (‘Women helping to help’).